How Agencies Find the Right Audio Video Recording Equipment

Every public safety agency has specific protocols to follow when working with people in their communities. At the same time, though, no two teams are the same—and neither are your interview recording rooms. How police departments and child advocacy groups find their best match for new audio video recording equipment depends on their unique setup. But there are certain features that no agency should ignore.


Recording Equipment to Serve and Protect

Your agency works to protect and serve your local population. And iRecord is here to provide you with the solutions you need to serve and protect your team. When presenting evidence to the court, you can’t leave any room for questioning the integrity of your interview. Quality is key, and that means have audio video recording equipment that’s reliable.

When looking at your options, it always helps to ask how your provider will address your interview room itself. A two-camera setup helps ensure your recordings won’t miss any physical cues. Moreover, you need to record clear audio. An experienced team will be able to walk you through these design decisions.

Additionally, you may need mobile recording solutions. Going with the right software means these systems will be both user-friendly and secure. You want an easy way to record interviews or testimonials in the field. Then you’ll need to be able to review the digital files back onsite. After all, your audio video recording equipment doesn’t work all on its own. You need a solution that lets the people on your team seamlessly manage redactions and notetaking. After that, the system should make it easy to send the interview evidence to the other parties working on the case.


Considerations for Child Advocacy Groups

There are different challenges when the populations you’re serving are children. For starters, your audio video recording equipment must be discrete. Being in a new environment can be stressful enough for children, and you need to build trust in order to gather accurate evidence.

As before, finding a user-friendly solution is key. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve designed our interview room recording solutions to have a quick start/stop function with a simple wall switch. It’s subtle and reliable, which helps keep your own process on track.

There are convenient options for child advocacy group mobile recordings too. The iRecord and Winnebago Specialty Vehicles can take your team wherever they need to go. These units are fully equipped with all of the equipment you need to record your interviews. It’s a smart way to serve and meet the needs of populations who live farther away or aren’t able to travel to your physical building.


Find Your Best Match with iRecord

We know that analyzing various recording solutions can be overwhelming at times. But that’s why we’ve carefully built all of our systems with the end-user in mind. Over the years, we’ve spoken with countless public safety professionals and agencies to figure out their most common challenges. Then we’ve worked hard to solve them with recording equipment that’s truly designed to enhance the way they work.

Ready to find the right system for your agency? Let’s address your own questions during an initial consultation. Knowing what matters most to your team can guide our conversation. Just send us a message, and we’ll get in touch!

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