Digital Video Recorders: Doing Good Work

There is a time honored question that asks who will police the police, and digital video recorders are helping to address this important aspect of law enforcement also. To ensure the honorable behavior of its officers at all times, a decade ago in 2003, the Yakima Washington Police Department installed digital video recorders to allow them monitor the conduct of both officers and suspects. The success of this program has led many other departments across the country to follow suit, helping to ensure that law enforcement is always carried out fairly.


Technology is undoubtedly a wonderful thing that enhances our lives in a multitude of ways. But it is possibly used to its very best advantage when it not only makes our lives easier, but helps keep us safer too.

The unbelievable advances that have taken place in the technological world over the past few decades are certainly a thing of wonder to behold. Most of us have already forgotten how we coped without the many technologically based gadgets we have come to take for granted, such as microwave ovens, personal computers and cell phones. And while these advances have enriched our personal lives for the better in many ways, it is not only our domestic lives that have improved as a result of these technological developments.

In many different ways, technology has been used to make a variety of professional situations more efficient and effective. Not least of the many examples of this phenomenon is the use of digital video recorders by police departments and other security personnel.

There’s probably not a one among us that would deny that our police officers have a difficult job to do. With rising crime rates, it seems that they need eyes at the back of their heads in order to protect the communities they have sworn to serve. But thankfully, developments in technology have been successfully used to make their jobs a little easier, and to help keep us a great deal safer.

Digital video recorders are increasingly used in the stead of the their analog counterparts to monitor the goings on at all kinds of locations. From stores to police interview rooms, these devices are a more cost effective and efficient way to record the happenings in a variety of locations. With clearer, more detailed pictures, and the ability to record audio, digital video recorders are helping law enforcers more reliably identify and track down criminals.

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