Customize Your Interrogation Room Equipment—with iRecord

Operating on a limited budget has long been a challenge for public safety agencies. So when it’s time to upgrade any type of technology system, you need to make sure the investment is going to last—and actually improve your process, not hinder it.

All too often, interrogation room equipment can miss the mark. It’s either cumbersome to use, or completely unreliable. Neither scenario bodes well for capturing the most accurate evidence possible for the court. That’s how iRecord is different.

Interrogation Room Equipment Requirements

Both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy groups benefit from having a discrete setup for their interrogation room equipment. Whether the investigator is working with a suspect, victim, or witness, it can be particularly uncomfortable for the interview subject to carry on a conversation when they’re acutely aware that they’re being recorded. Installing covert cameras can help remove some of that pressure. But then there’s also the question of being able to record audio that comes through loud and clear.

Over the years, our team at iRecord has partnered with agencies across the country whose main struggle in the past has been interrogation room equipment that has weak microphones and poor audio quality in their interview evidence recordings. By analyzing the room’s layout, and selecting the right hardware for the space, we’re able to give agencies solutions that often go above and beyond their expectations.

With only one chance to make your recording, you can’t afford to miss any word. That’s why we install omnidirectional microphones that draw minimal attention, all while capturing every nuance of the interview subject’s voice. If you’ve been dealing with faulty microphones for years, then you might have to hear the difference to believe it.

For example, when we were developing the recording solution for one child advocacy center on the East Coast, we were able to give their team exactly what they needed just with one single microphone in the room. Needless to say, they were thrilled to get a solution that finally worked in their best interests—and those of the populations they’re serving too.


[Read the Case Study: CAC of Suffolk County]

Interview Evidence Transcription and Translation Solutions

The advent of AI takes the customization of interrogation room equipment even further. It’s no longer just about installing the right microphones and HD cameras, or even pairing them with user-friendly software. Agencies can dramatically improve their efficiency by integrating with an interview evidence transcription solution.

We were able to do exactly that for another child advocacy group in the Midwest. Now, they have DCS caseworkers from other counties traveling to them directly, all because they’re able to get an immediate transcription of what the child has said.


[Read the Case Study: Sylvia’s CAC]

What Type of Customization Does Your Team Need?

iRecord easily integrates into multiple case management and digital evidence management solutions to deliver these innovative solutions to agencies; and along with other trusted partners, we’re able to provide an even wider array of integrated solutions. If your agency is ready to improve its interrogation room equipment and digital evidence management solution, we are here to help! Our entire mission is to serve and protect those who protect and serve. Let’s start the conversation about building a custom, integrated solution for your own team. Please send us a message to schedule your initial consultation!

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