Customize Your Interrogation Room Equipment—with iRecord

Operating on a limited budget has long been a challenge for public safety agencies. So when it’s time to upgrade any type of technology system, you need to make sure the investment is going to last—and actually improve your process, not hinder it. All too often, interrogation room equipment can miss the mark. It’s either […]

Building Rapport for Stronger Public Safety Interview Evidence

The traditional methods for conducting interrogations have evolved over time, from issuing the Miranda rights, to working in a more neutral, professional room for custodial interviews, there are plenty of examples for how the public safety industry is reworking their processes to better align with today’s high standards for legal and ethical standards. In recent […]

Missing Links for Public Safety Interview Room Camera System Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and complex world, public safety agencies face mounting challenges to collect and deliver accurate evidence to the court in a timely manner. We need to keep the caseloads moving quickly, and yet ensuring the integrity of interview evidence—and then sharing it with the necessary parties ASAP—can be particularly difficult. When they review […]

Police Accountability and Protection with Pattern-Or-Practice Investigations

Our law enforcement professionals work hard to keep communities safe. Like any organization, though, not every individual will live up to the industry standards. It only takes one officer’s poor conduct to lead to an entire department investigation. That’s why agency leaders need to understand the accountability process and resolve any concerns related to misconduct. […]

General Grant Writing Tips for Public Safety Agencies

When budgets are tight, it can be a real challenge for public safety agencies to invest in all of the programs and technology that they want and need. Fortunately, new grant opportunities are announced all the time. The funds are out there. It’s just a matter of getting your agency noticed with a compelling application. […]

Some Police Departments Still Lack Video Interrogation Policies—What’s the Solution?

A recent study conducted by the Pennsylvania Carey Law School has found that many law enforcement agencies across the state are falling short of police interrogation best practices—from completely lacking written policies on the subject, and even ignoring the importance of recording interview evidence altogether. One news outlet in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County highlights specific townships […]