5 Reasons Why Workplace Cameras Should Be Part of Your HR Policy

Surveillance cameras in the workplace can be a lightning rod for heated discussions about privacy and legality, but it’s possible to use them well, and in ways that allay employees’ concerns. Today, let’s explore five of the pros of workplace cameras. You might be surprised who benefits! Cameras are increasingly accepted Recent Pew research found […]

Top Advantages of Using a Tablet in the Workplace

Digital literacy is a hot topic in 2015 in higher education, HR, health care, and in many other professional fields.  Just over a decade ago, managing content across different platforms was the job of highly specialized professionals. Today, entrepreneurs in almost any line of work can experience the advantages of increased digital literacy. One of […]

Is Your Business Touch-Literate?

A few years ago Time published a predictive piece on tablets, highlighting how quickly tablets were not only catching on in the US but globally. In the article, the author contrasted the rapid growth rates of tablets (60%) compared to computers (12%) as an important indicator of where tablets were going globally. Today, businesses are […]

Wearable Technology and Applications for Human Resources

Last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was packed full with eye-catchers, but one of the biggest products to hit the markets—the wearable tech device—is appearing across many industries with promises of efficiency, economic benefit and boosts in productivity. Those in human resources are finding that the possibilities are far larger than they may […]