How to Develop a New Police Department Interview Room

Ready to modernize your police department’s interview room? Focus on teamwork to get moving in the right direction. Planning your new design and gaining community support takes time, so it’s important to not rush any part of the process. The right strategies will help make your new addition a success. Building the Pre-Design Team The […]

What’s the Real Value of Modern Interview Recording?

Strict budgetary concerns can make advancing operations a logistical nightmare, but foregoing the necessary changes can also leave your team and those you serve vulnerable. It’s a frustrating reality that the organizations who need up-to-date technology are often some of the least funded. Yet, investing in the safety and wellbeing of our local communities is […]

What is Personal/Home Video Archiving and Indexing?

Not too long ago having a digital video recorder (DVR) in one’s home was a luxury that only the wealthier were able to afford. Today, however, personal home video archiving/indexing in the form of CCTV monitoring has become not only much more popular, but much more affordable too. What is a DVR Home Surveillance System? […]