Your Institution Needs to Make Room for Online Overachieving Students!

About 5.5 million — roughly one-quarter of total student enrollment, took online courses in 2012 National Center for Education Statistics (Inside HigherEd article, June 2014)

This statistic isn’t surprising as the desire for education to be more mobile and flexible increases.  With greater numbers of non-traditional students and those who concurrently work full-time, the need for the online learner grows.  Take a minute and answer these important questions about learning opportunities:

  1. What does your institute do to meet the needs of your students?
  2. Do you currently provide online learning opportunities?
  3. Even if you do, are you looking for ways to increase the opportunities?

While many online courses are self-directed, there is also the opportunity to create a real-time online version of a course or lecture.  If a student needs be absent, how does that individual know what was missed?  In this case, it can be challenging to get notes from a classmate and trust they will provide enough information.  Further, many students come to class sick because they do not want to miss out on the lecture and discussion, which may cause others to become sick.

While an online livestream doesn’t afford the same engagement opportunities, it does allow a student to stay connected when they are sick or can’t make it to class.

Livestreaming and recording of courses can be expensive if an individual is hired to do the recording.  By working with iRecord, we can help you determine the best recording options for your space.  Let us work with you to offer your students alternative and flexible course options.

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