The Private Investigator’s Responsibility: Capture Accurate Info

With today’s media coverage and the public scrutinizing many investigations, accuracy of interviewing is crucial.  Don’t give skeptics a reason to question your accuracy, your technology, or your methods. Recording allows for accuracy in interviewing as it takes away the note-taking margin of error.

Let’s talk for a minute about Michael Brown and Eric Garner—two names recognized recently in the media.  Many claim their deaths were senseless acts of racism perpetuated by white police on black men.  What has further created tension and protests around the United States was the recent decision of the Grand Jury to indict the police officers who murdered these two men.  Whatever you believe should have happened is important, but not the point of this article.

The reality is that social media has create a firestorm of information, emotions, and activism.  On Twitter and Facebook, the hashtags of #blacklivesmatter and #icantbreathe are a flurry and trending.  Through these cases “going viral” activism around the country has resurged.  There have been protests of both peaceful and violent measures in Ferguson, MO; SF Bay Area, CA; NYC and other places around the country.  Was the Grand Jury right?  Were they wrong?  How did video (or lack of) inform these decisions?

As a private investigator, your case may not reach this magnitude, but with the use of social media, you can never tell how it will go.  Something that is initially low profile, may suddenly become high profile.  When presenting the information, it is crucial you have accurate information.  Only video recording that is done well and clearly can allow you have truly accurate data.  By using a product from iRecord, we can help ensure accuracy in your investigation.  Think the media might get involved?  You can now back your findings with visuals.  Support your case and present the information in a way that is less likely to be manipulated.

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