The Convenience of the Cloud: How Child Advocacy Centers Benefit

Being able to conduct a child interview properly requires a unique skillset and proper training. After that, you need to make sure you have the right interview recording equipment for the job. But many teams find that they hit a roadblock with the third step—sharing their interview evidence with law enforcement isn’t always straight-forward or convenient.

How Quickly Can You Deliver Evidence?

The concept of “instant” communication has been around for decades with email and texting. Unfortunately, these advances haven’t exactly reached public safety professionals right away. Too many child advocacy groups are still relying on flash drives and on-site storage to save their interview evidence. And this is leaving all of their casework vulnerable to security risks. Worse, it’s slowing down the process for getting a case in front of the court.

Making the switch to a smart Cloud Solution gives child advocacy centers the tools they need to work effectively and collaborate with the other parties working on a case. With the Cloud, you’re actually able to communicate in real-time, online. It’s a secure way to review your interviews, add notes, and even make redactions. Everything is in one place.

Key Cloud Benefits for Child Advocacy Centers

There are a few things to keep in mind as you start to review your different options for a Cloud Solution. One of the main differentiators is whether the Cloud is being used simply for storage, or whether it’s giving you other features too. Sometimes it helps to think of a good Cloud Solution in terms of an online portal. You want a tool that’s accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Then you can log in and manage your case at any time. Plus, you’ll be able to easily share your digital evidence and collaborate with the police department or legal teams.

The right solution will even track your chain of evidence for you and provide redundant storage to help give you peace of mind. No one wants to lose an interview. With your digital evidence secure in the Cloud, your agency can finally have a streamlined system.

Better Recording and Cloud Solutions—with iRecord

Every case is different, and every child is unique. That’s why the process of collecting court-admissible evidence is so incredibly nuanced. CAC teams work hard to make sure each client interaction is productive, because accurate interview evidence is truly priceless. In order to protect your community, you want to get the right systems on your side.

For years, iRecord has been leading the way for interview room recording equipment. Now we’ve taken our solutions to the next level. The iRecord Cloud Solution powered by NICE Investigate gives agencies an easy way to navigate all of their digital evidence. You can work remotely, share evidence instantly, and help ensure that every case is addressed quickly to let the court ensure that justice is upheld.

Because we partner with clients for the long-haul, our support team is always happy to respond to your questions. If you’d like to learn more about our latest offerings with the Cloud for child advocacy centers, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’d love to find a time to talk!

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