The All-in-One Digital and Audio Recording Solution

What is it about audio and digital recording solutions that have launched companies like iRecord to its leading edge position in the industry? The fact that it is better than any other recording system on the market, to start.

iRecord’s digital video and audio recording systems include the following features and more:

    1. Ease of use, one touch recording
    2. Non Proprietary MPEG-2 DVDs and WMV Files DVDS and WMV Save to USB Flash Drive
    3. Redaction (Secure Editing)
    4. Username and Password Protection with Authentication (tamper proof) and Evidence Vault
    5. Multiple Transcription Features
    6. Chain of Evidence Audit Trail Report
    7. Multiple long term storage options
    8. SQL Database with searchable notes and META Data
    9. Dry Contact Switches for Remote Start/Stop
    10. Network Integration with Interdepartmental Security and Active Directory

Not only does iRecord provide top notch recording systems, but their evidence vault management systems, covert interview products and mobile interview suite make them as singular as a company could be with the full package of offerings designed by investigators for investigators.

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