Textbook Perfect Interviews Don’t Guarantee Perfect Outcomes

When was the last time you evaluated how well your interviewing was going when it comes to investigating crime? And not just the method by which you ask and capture responses, but all the ancillary yet still very important aspects on conducting an interview, including the angle of the camera, your back up system and more?

Let iRecord give you the run down on what you should keep in mind through the process!

Even if your investigators are conducting textbook perfect interviews and interrogations, there are a multitude of other issues a department has to consider with respect to electronic recording.

8 Questions to Reveal if Your Interviews are Textbook Perfect:

  1. What is the best camera angle for recording?
  2. Where should the microphone be located?
  3. What recording medium are you using?
  4. What recording equipment is needed?
  5. How does your facility manage back up storage and processes?
  6. Should the suspect be notified that a recording is being made?
  7. What procedural changes need to be made to accommodate recording?
  8. How should the investigator describe various interrogation techniques in court?

What other ways has your police department or legal office found essential when it comes to getting the interview down right the first time? Share your best practices with us today and visit our website while you’re at it at www.iRecord.tv.

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