How Your PD Could Reduce 25% of Wrongful Convictions

Did you know that (as of March 2014) of the 312 wrongful convictions in the US that have been overturned based on DNA evidence that nearly 25% of those involved a false confession or false incriminating statements (Innocence Project, 2014)? Wrongful convictions are an epidemic, according to some, and the effects are catastrophic considering the […]

Perspective More than Matters in Videotaping Interrogations

It’s no secret that where you sit makes all the difference when it comes to witnessing an event. The same is true when it comes to video recording of interrogations. What private investigators often are aware of (but the public not so much) is how the placement of the camera and positioning of suspects and […]

Videotaping as Part of Interviewing Best Practices

While some are still are undecided about whether recording a witness’s complete interview will potentially cause a witness to suppress information, the evidence that it protects the witness and can reduce false confessions has grown. Learn specific ways that videotaping when it comes to interrogations is being shown to help more than it “harms.” What […]