14 Trends of Interest in Policing

Did you know that nationwide, violent crime rates are roughly half of what they were in the early 1990’s? Police departments have achieved these goals in large part by deploying an endless array of new strategies and new technologies. In 2014’s Future Trends of Policing report we discover at least sixteen separate efforts that have […]

Top Changes in Policing in the 21st Century

“Do we want to police in the future the way we are policing today? I don’t think so,” Police Chief Jim Fox explains in a recent publication on policing trends. We want to highlight some of those trends here and find out where your police department falls when it comes to the integration of all […]

20 Ways PD’s are Leveraging Technology in 2015

How are police departments across the country leveraging technology to create innovative solutions to their mission to keep streets safer, fight crime, close cases more quickly? With technological advances enabling organizations to do more with less, law enforcement is benefitting too. From license plates readers to text-a-tip to in-car computers/tablets, the options are growing by […]