To Release or Not to Release Video Footage to the Public

Right now in the state of Indiana, footage that is captured by a law enforcement officer from a dash cam or a body cam is not required to be released to the public. That looks likely to change, however, now that House Bill 1019 has passed. The Indy Star is keeping followers updated on the […]

Why Equip with Body-Worn Cameras?

Police departments around the country are adopting body-worn cameras everywhere you turn. What is it that is driving this increase in adoption, and what are the goals of equipping law enforcement officers with these tools? Why Body-Worn Cameras? At the end of 2015, the state of New Jersey announced that it would be spending $2.5 […]

Public, Know Your Right to Record

Do you know what the truth is about your right to record? The recent Walter Scott shooting has raised the question once again about whether police can legally confiscate smartphones and other personal devices from citizens who record police action during encounters with the public. The Walter Scott case, specifically, has fanned the flame on […]