Recorded Interrogations and Good Police Work

Many law enforcement officers are concerned that recording interviews will adversely affect the quality of interrogations. However, departments who’ve adopted this technology are overwhelmingly happy with the results, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are five reasons why recorded interviews support and enhance your interrogations. Recordings Have More Impact Than Testimony Courtroom testimony […]

Designing an Interrogation Room Around Recording Equipment

Recording interrogations is an important move, but if your interrogation room’s outdated, you’re less likely to have a confession to record! Let’s discuss how to design an interrogation room that get results. Historically, interrogation rooms are stark places with concrete floors and metal tables. The fact that such rooms are often featured in suspense or […]

iRecord in Action on The First 48

Maybe you’ve watched The First 48. It’s a long-running A&E crime documentary that focuses on the first 48 hours after a homicide. The highly-rated program aired an episode this season that demonstrated iRecord technology in action. (See the whole episode here: The episode, called “Blood On Bourbon”, focuses on a New Orleans mass shooting […]

4 Ways that Information Management Can Improve Law Enforcement Efforts

“Effective information management enables police forces to unlock the value of information and improve their efficiency and effectiveness,” in an Information Management in Policing report. The article provides four specific values that information management can deliver to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Enables Collaboration: It enables collaboration and information sharing between police forces and other agencies. […]