Psychological Techniques for Interrogations Discussed by ‘Making A Murderer’ Attorney

Excerpt from ‘Making a Murderer’ attorney talks law enforcement’s psychological techniques for interrogations by Alex Hulvalchick: [email protected] February 22, 2017 On Wednesday, the Ohio State chapter of the Ohio Innocence Project hosted Steven Drizin, the post-conviction attorney for Brendan Dassey, one of the subjects of the Netflix series “Making A Murderer.” Drizin spoke about types of psychological techniques […]

Recorded Interrogations and Good Police Work

Many law enforcement officers are concerned that recording interviews will adversely affect the quality of interrogations. However, departments who’ve adopted this technology are overwhelmingly happy with the results, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are five reasons why recorded interviews support and enhance your interrogations. Recordings Have More Impact Than Testimony Courtroom testimony […]

Interview Footage: Who Gets to See It?

Who gets to see the body cam footage your department collects? It’s important to have a consistent policy in place before it’s needed. Here are some key issues you’ll want to consider. If you’re going to have a policy for how and when you’re sharing data, you first need to address proper procedure for actual […]

Designing an Interrogation Room Around Recording Equipment

Recording interrogations is an important move, but if your interrogation room’s outdated, you’re less likely to have a confession to record! Let’s discuss how to design an interrogation room that get results. Historically, interrogation rooms are stark places with concrete floors and metal tables. The fact that such rooms are often featured in suspense or […]

iRecord in Action on The First 48

Maybe you’ve watched The First 48. It’s a long-running A&E crime documentary that focuses on the first 48 hours after a homicide. The highly-rated program aired an episode this season that demonstrated iRecord technology in action. (See the whole episode here: The episode, called “Blood On Bourbon”, focuses on a New Orleans mass shooting […]

Is Your Interrogation Procedure Documented?

As we’ve mentioned in the past, nineteen states and the District of Columbia currently require videotaped police interviews. If your department records interviews, you’re ahead of the curve. But there’s still an issue you might be overlooking. A 2014 study in Virginia found that fewer than ⅓ of the police departments surveyed had any sort […]

Conduct Covert Interviews More Effectively, More Professionally

Conducting interviews is a critical part of the evidence gathering process in crime scene investigation, and capturing this information on record is key to moving forward. Getting you information effectively can sometimes be a challenge, however. More Effective Interviews iRecord is at the leading edge of connecting with time saving and efficient tools that can […]

What Your PD Should Know if You Aren’t Using ERI

Did you know that over 600 jurisdictions in the US employ electronic recording systems when they interrogate suspects yet the vast majority of police departments do not record custodial interviews routinely? While big changes have taken place this year when it comes to Federal requirements and recording, the number of departments responding to the evidence […]

Do You Know Why Acoustics Matter in Your Interrogation Room?

Many people make the wrong assumption that acoustics only matter when it comes to recording music or getting a media-worthy commercial on the air. The truth is that the application of acoustics you apply (or don’t) has an impact on the recordings you’re doing of interrogations, interviews, and more. Learn how acoustics works, how appropriate […]

6 Best Practices to Put into Practice in Recording Your Next Interrogation

While the merits of using an electronic audio and video recording system for your interrogations are many, the use of the system on its own is no panacea for investigators. You need to know your system and how to best harness its advantages to deliver the results you need. iRecord makes this simple and easy […]