Save Time in Your Department by Outsourcing Indexing…to Your Technology!

With the boom of technology and the rapid pace of change that it has brought about, it’s not surprising that careers in indexing and transcription have changed substantially. What is surprising, however, is the number of companies and businesses that continue to outsource some of these services when the technology to do so lies within […]

What is Personal/Home Video Archiving and Indexing?

Not too long ago having a digital video recorder (DVR) in one’s home was a luxury that only the wealthier were able to afford. Today, however, personal home video archiving/indexing in the form of CCTV monitoring has become not only much more popular, but much more affordable too. What is a DVR Home Surveillance System? […]

When do you Need Dictation Equipment?

Does dictation take you back to your elementary school days when your teacher used to read aloud a passage you and you had to capture it? Or maybe the image that comes to mind is that of the psychiatrist speaking into his digital recorder for transcription later. Regardless of the image that comes to mind, […]