Digital Evidence: A Short Guide

Digital evidence is far from a new term in law enforcement, but we know with the continual development and evolution of technology, solutions, and categories even, of digital evidence, a short guide on the terms can be a great tool for you! Read up on the three major forensic categories of devices where digital evidence […]

How to Maintain Chain of Custody

While those in law enforcement understand the principles of preserving evidence is critical, it’s not difficult to make small mistakes which can have enormous ramifications to chain of custody. What exactly is chain of custody? You might not be sure exactly what chain of custody refers to, and if you’re in that camp, you’re not alone. […]

Four Rules of Evidence Every Law Enforcement Official Should Know

With the number of digital images and videos being captured today by law enforcement and everyday citizens, it’s critical that law enforcement officials follow the rules of evidence in order to ensure that the pains they take to record convert into admissible evidence. Many pieces have been written on the rise of technology and its […]

How to Examine and Study Evidence at Crime Scene & Why Recording Testimony Matters

Every crime scene differs, which is why it is critical to take a systematic approach to crime scene investigation. To start, it’s important to understand the different steps involved in crime scene investigation from taking testimony to confessions from witnesses and suspects. It is also important to key in on the type of equipment that […]

What Impression is Your Evidence Leaving with the Court?

In criminal law, impression evidence is a major contributor to move a crime scene investigation forward. For clear reasons, criminal investigators will do all it takes to gather this information with as much precision and care as possible. In the same manner, investigators look to capture the exact words, tone, and meaning of key witnesses […]

Law Enforcement and Evidence—the Truth about How It’s Handled

Law enforcers’ jobs extend to far more than pulling over drunk drivers or issuing speeding tickets, although those might be the first duties you think of when the job description comes to mind. In fact, one of the police officer’s primary jobs is to ensure that evidence is collected, shared, and used to close a […]