Recording Sound: A Brief, but Impactful History

The ability to record sound may seem recent.  Technology has advanced our understanding of how sounds are used in various applications across industries.  However, recording sound has a much older history than you may realize. Let’s talk about the history of recording and some of the most recent innovations that technology is delivering today.

A Brief History

Sound recording dates back to the 1890s.  During this time, most recording was done acoustically.  Recording equipment allowed audio to be documented into tape, which would then go through a horn and record the sound frequencies.  But tape recording had its limitations. The ability to mix, master and edit the audio information was not available.

By the 1930s, amplifiers and microphones were added to record more sound frequencies.  Next came a mixing board and loud speakers so that the sounds could be manipulated and changed while recording.

Up until the 1970s, these combined methods were the popular way of recording.  However, the sounds were recorded live and straight into the disc or recording tape.  This left little room to re-record or edit.  Most of the recording that was done would be done with complete bands, orchestras, or groups that would place everything onto the disc at one time.

It was during the late 1960s and 1970s that analog recording moved into the field, allowing for more complex machinery to be at the forefront of recording.  Analog recording consisted of a magnetic tape that carried the sound waves and read them back through the recording.  Not only was this easy to write over, but also to edit.

Analog recording finally allowed artists to develop unique sounds and changed recording into an electronic and digital set of capabilities as well as industry standards.

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Which brings us today, where the ability to capture sound and get high quality results is a must for a vast number of industries and organizations.

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