More Than a System in Place: 6 Marks of an Ideal System

Your department might have adopted a system to record suspect interviews, but just having a system in place is not enough. You need more than just a system in place—you need a process, competence, and most of all, you need to know how to use your system to your advantage. Consider what the ideal system would be and whether you are ready to deliver your department this value.

One of the biggest roadblocks to getting in the right place is the getting there. The work required, the research, the case to be made to stakeholders, and then the price of course. Couldn’t it be easier to figure out exactly what your organization needs when it comes to the right electronic video and audio recording equipment?

It can be! Let’s turn to X marks of an ideal system and measure what you have against the ideal.

Keep in mind too, that just ideal in this situation does not infer a wish-list product!! This ideal might actually be cheaper than what you have now!

6 Marks of an Ideal Electronic Audio and Video Recording System:

  1. SIMPLICITY: ONE TOUCH Recording and VHS-style controls make operation SIMPLE.
  2. VERSATILITY: Greater versatility and more time saving features than an off the shelf DVR.
  3. VISIBILITY: Simple “Pie Chart” shows instantly how much space remains on recorder
  4. CONTROL: Volume and speed control during playback of a recording.
  5. AUTOMATICITY: Automatic delivery through a LAN or WAN
  6. NAVIGATION: Automatically time-and-date stamp user text annotations that allows user to skip directly to important parts of interview

So the fact is that an ideal system, this system doesn’t have to be an ideal in the sense of it being out of reach or too expensive. In fact, the ideal system is one that you can own!

Does your current recording system meet the six checkpoints above? If not, it’s worth a call to iRecord just to see what ours can do.

Or if you’d like to simply see what it does on video, click here to register for our free webinar.

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