Modern Colposcopes Improve the Forensic [Medical] Exam Process

The images recorded during physical forensic exams is a crucial part of any case. That’s why having modern, reliable medical equipment is so important. When patients have already been exposed to trauma, the best SART teams and SANE facilities want to do everything in their power to document sensitive evidence in an efficient way. The better your process, the better you’re able to advocate for the individuals you’re serving.


The Difference with Lutech Colposcopes

In the past, OBGYN offices and forensic examiners had limited options for colposcopy systems. But the technology has dramatically improved. With the Lutech colposcope models, health care providers finally get a streamlined solution. Compared to other manufacturers, Lutech’s auto focus features can offer shorter exam times by up to 50 percent. That can make a world of difference for both patients and health care practitioners.

Of course, you can’t compromise image resolution for a shorter exam time. These colposcopes still allow users to zoom in or out to record the most accurate evidence possible. There’s even a viewing screen so you can review the images before saving them to the patient’s medical records. It all works together for minimizing the stress of a difficult situation.


Ease-of-Use for Better Patient Care

The benefits of Lutech colposcopes also include modern and ergonomic designs. The option to capture images with a foot pedal can be more comfortable for medical professionals. Traditional colposcopes weren’t necessarily made with these considerations in mind.

Along with that, a handheld remote works to adjust the image brightness and green filter. This level of precision can help provide legal teams and public safety professionals with invaluable evidence for their case. With so much on the line, upgrading to a modern colposcope isn’t only about individual patients. These systems can benefit communities as a whole because they help ensure that justice is upheld.


Protect the Evidence with iRecord Integration

We have chosen to specifically partner with Lutech because we know their medical equipment is the best on the market today. And to make the transition to their colposcopes even easier, we’ve made our own iRecord software integrate with their systems. For SANE facilities and other forensic examiners, this means the images and video examinations you’re documenting for electronic medical records can be quickly shared for court-admissible evidence too.

Your team’s services are incredibly important. We’d love to help you improve your process. An intuitive colposcopy system supports patient care, and that also gives your examiners a more professional way to go about their work.

To start the conversation about Lutech colposcopes with our team at iRecord, please send us a message or feel free to call (800) 806-5339. We routinely advise organizations on grant opportunities and applications. Let us know how we can help!

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