Is Your Police Department in Compliance with State Law Standards?

One Central Michigan police department has found that iRecord’s easy-to-use and all-compassing system is helping them not only do the work they need the right way, the first time, but it’s also brought them into nearly 100% compliance with the regulation on interrogation.


A recently released news story explains iRecord’s advantage well.

“[Our] old system would sometimes look like an old Godzilla movie,” MPPD Detective David Sabuda said. “It’s a lot simpler now that it’s all computerized, even when we’re doing things like recording. Before, if you wanted to look up a taped interview, you would have to get into the system and try to find it by rewinding. Now, after you use it (for an interview), you just have to type in a complaint number or a name.”

Each state in the US has a commission on law enforcement whose standards manage law enforcement regulations.

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards manages law enforcement regulations. According to section 8 of Act 175 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, any interrogation related to a major felony must be recorded.

“A law enforcement official interrogation of an individual in custodial detention regarding the individual’s involvement in the commission of a major felony shall make a time-stamped, audiovisual recording of the entire investigation,” Act 175 reads. “…A major felony recording shall be produced using equipment and procedures that are designed to prevent alteration of the recording’s audio or visual record.”

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Do you know what the law says for your state?

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