iRecord Supports Body Cams for Police

In light of the events that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri just a few months ago and the recent verdict on the case, many have begun calling for police to wear body cameras to capture evidence of what happens in “hot” cases. iRecord supports Body Cameras to import media and help make your job as a law enforcement officer easier.

Dealing with Lots of Video Evidence

One of the big issues we hear discussed is the vast amount of different video evidence capture solutions like body camera introduce for law enforcement, and the last thing that police need is that video collection management nightmare. What iRecord does is to help streamline those videos along with all other audio and video captured on the field and in interrogation rooms to make your job as a police officer simpler.

Should Body Cams be Mandatory?

In some places across the country, body cams are mandatory already and police have found the video evidence to both help them as well as suspects. Weighing in on the idea, Executive Direction of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada Tod Stor, absolutely agrees. In a story published on News 3, Police Body Cameras Observe and Record, reporter Denise Rosch captures what Stor said:

“We think it should be mandatory. The benefits outweigh the risk to privacy when stops occur in the city streets, and traffic infractions or a confrontation that may occur walking down the street.”

The cameras, worn on the right shoulder of the police officer are often mistaken for flashlights, are unobtrusive and capture the equivalent of what the human eye can capture (they don’t have night vision.)

Considering Outfitting Your Officers with Body Cams?

If your law enforcement agency is considered body cams for police but the hold up is dealing with all the video evidence, start a conversation with us today. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help streamline all your audio and video files into one system that simply, quickly, and reliably stores your information.

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