iRecord: Over 1,000 Reference Installs in the US (and growing)

Don’t let the “what if” question come back to haunt you. As a decision maker for your county law office or other jurisdiction, you are responsible with ensuring that your personnel have the tools they need to capture the message, interview the witness and make inadmissible content admissible before a court. What if you found a better solution than what your personnel is relying on now?  What if?


iRecord’s track record is well documented with over 1,000 installs in interview rooms across the country, but the proof is in the pudding.

Our list of stories and client testimonials is too long to include here, but some of our top stories can be found here. Whether you are evaluating your tools for recording audio and video interviews, your systems for managing evidence, converting current interview files or getting something that can take care of all facets of the recording side of investigation, iRecord is one product you can’t overlook.

We would love to share a product demo with you today or provide an onsite assessment of your current tools and discuss how well these are working for you.

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