iRecord CAC Giveaway Winner!

We are excited to announce our CAC Giveaway winner—Kids Hub! With over 118,000 votes, Kids Hub spread the word about the iRecord End Child Abuse contest and it paid off. Kids Hub serves 63,000 kids and soon they won’t have to travel two and a half hours for a forensic interview as the CAC will be opening its center later this summer, and will now be fully-equipped with an entire digital audio and video recording system.

DiDi Ellis, MS, the Executive Director at Kids Hub is overwhelmed with excitement. She shared the following about the giveaway and what her CAC is doing with the winning.

“Kids Hub Child Advocacy Center is extremely blessed to have won this contest.  We are beyond grateful for iRecord and their heart to host such a contest.  Being a newly formed child advocacy center, this has opened up so many possibilities for us to better serve the children in our community sooner than we were anticipating.  Winning this recording equipment is going to have a rippling impact in our community! Not only are we grateful, but our Teams are beyond excited.   Community members that have rallied behind our cause are encouraged by this recent accomplishment! We thank iRecord for their compassion for the Child Advocacy Center cause and their willingness to serve where there is a great need! Together, we can make sure that every child has the opportunity to be heard, supported, and protected!”

How Kids Hub Spread the Word

We asked Ellis what she and her team did to generate the interest and get all of those votes and learned that not only did she hold numerous fundraisers in local restaurants but that she also brought little gift bags and gave them away. Her team would speak with every diner and would provide them with a sheet of paper and a link on it, and many of the diners would vote right using their phones.

In addition to the fundraising, she also held a substantial push on social media and did an advertising campaign on her own through Facebook in order to get the word out and gain more votes.

Thank You’s All Around

“We are so thankful for this contest and the hearts of iRecord to host such an amazing giveaway!” writes Ellis after learning of the results.

We too, are excited to join our energies to help end child abuse and to do so with Kids Hub. Thank you to Kids Hub and all who entered votes to spread the word for the End Child Abuse contest.

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