iRecord and Support Team Hope to Support you in 2014

As your year wraps up and you look ahead and 2014, consider what businesses you’re partnering with and what makes them stand apart. In the video interrogation industry, iRecord stands out as an industry for many, reasons–one of which is their reliability and responsiveness to customer needs.

With around the clock representatives ready to direct and guide you with any technical questions or with any concerns, you can count on iRecord’s support team.

Some of the most common areas our customers approach us with include:

    • Service Agreements and Warranties
    • Onsite interview room design and implementation
    • Onsite and remote training
    • Knowledge Base
    • Download Center
    • Forums

iRecord’s strength in its product, reputation in the industry, and vast amount of knowledge and agility to response to customer needs offer and all-in-one package no other competitor can match.

iRecord and our support team hope to support your agency in any way we can in 2014. Contact us for more information on our video recording systems, evidence vault management systems, covert interview products and more.

Hpapy New Year!


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