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If you’ve ever applied for a job, you’ve probably gone through an interview process. You know what it’s like to be put on the spot. It’s not a fun process, but it is necessary. You want to find the most compatible match for your team. Imagine the tables are flipped. Now you have to conduct interviews for potential co-workers. You might be surprised to find that conducting interviews is as arduous as being interviewed. Make sure you’re vetting your new potential employees properly by brushing on your Interview Techniques. You’d be surprised how different the interview experience is when you’re the one asking the questions. We have some tips for narrowing down your candidates by asking the proper questions and ensuring you’ve hired the best candidate.

iRecord’s Best Interview Techniques For Finding Your Next Employee

When it comes to conducting interviews, you might find yourself just as nervous as the person you’re interviewing. Don’t go into an interview with an assumption about every candidate before meeting them. Interviews can be stretched over multiple days based on you and your candidates’ schedules. It might be hard to keep all your applicants straight. Our Interview Techniques will be making the interviewing process a little less painful and you’ll feel confident in your hiring decision.

Be prepared

Since you know what it’s like to be interviewed, you might want to try to create an informal and relaxed environment. However, having no structure to your interview can easily get off topic and distracted to non-career related topics. Although you might connect with your candidate on a personal level, that doesn’t mean they’ll be the best person for the job.

Before conducting an interview, think of questions you want to ask all of your candidates. By making sure you ask the same question the same way levels the playing field for all your candidates. This will make it easier to compare answers later. Have some sort of structure to your interview questions to help the flow of the conversation.

Be Friendly and Positive

When your candidate arrives, you want to approach them in a friendly manner with a smile and make eye contact. Be sure to introduce yourself and anyone else conducting the interview with you. Offer your candidate something to drink or asking them about their day so far. This will help them relax and ease into the interview.

It’s important to start every interview unbiased and with an open mind. Don’t judge a candidate based on their resume alone. This is the candidate’s opportunity to really show off their personality and appeal to you to hire them. Poor Interview Techniques like making a decision about a candidate before the interview is over, dismissing overqualified candidates, and rushing the interview by scheduling interviews back-to-back might make you antsy as well as your candidate. Take your time and allow your candidate to take their time so you can get the best answers from your interviewee before making a decision.

Allow your candidates to speak freely

When scheduling interviews, space them out a bit. This will give your interview time to go over if it needs to, or time to reflect on the applicant. If you have another person conducting interviews with you, take a moment afterwards to share notes and impressions.

Give your contenders some open-ended questions. This will give them an opportunity to speak freely so you can get to know their personality a little. Be sure to listen thoughtfully to their answers as well. You don’t want to make a candidate give the same answer twice because you were too focused on your questions to listen to their answer. Be sure to also give your applicant time to ask questions. This is a great time to teach them what your company is all about.

Don’t rely on memory alone

One of the best Interview Techniques we can tell you is how impetrative it is to take notes. Have some way to refer to the specific interviews you’ve conducted. If you’ve met with a lot of candidates for the position, they might start blending together.

Taking notes is a great way to keep everyone straight when it comes to weighing on a final decision, but sometimes the note taking process can be distracting. You might find yourself not really listening to the candidate or writing poor notes that you can’t decipher later.

Eliminate these distractions with video recorded interviews from iRecord. A video provides a better recalling of the interview than from memory or badly written notes. Videos also are great for the decision-making process. If you didn’t notice something the candidate did during the interview, you can watch the video again. You might notice little nuisances from a different angle.

Having video recordings are also great to learn how you are as an interviewer. You might find that you’re not asking enough of the right questions, or that you don’t come off as friendly as you thought. Watching videos of you conducting the interviews can give you a fresh prospective so you can correct your Interview Techniques before scheduling more interviews.

Video records are also great for monitoring results of the candidates in the long run. You can compare your Interview Techniques to your recruiting metrics and employee experience. Check out what past applicants have said about your hiring process on Glassdoor. If there’s a post that says your interview process is too difficult, you might be deterring future candidates from applying to your company. By reviewing your video recorded interviews, you can see the interview process through a different perspective.

Save judgements until the very end

During the interview, try your best not to make any snap decisions about a candidate. Being under a high-pressure situation might make a person act differently or give off body language that seems off putting to you, when really, they’re just nervous.

When it comes to making a decision, sit down and compare answers from all the candidates one-by-one. This creates a level playing field for your candidates and for yourself to see who really the best fit for your available position is.

Hire the best candidates with an interview recording system from iRecord

If you’re tired of taking notes during interviews and want to ensure the best possible candidates are chosen, then contact iRecord about easy-to-use video equipment for conducting interviews. Your Interview Techniques will improve with real-time feedback. You can recall every word your candidate said during their interview. It will not only improve the quality of your employees but will also enhance your team as your business grows.

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