How to Limit Civil Liability with Electronic Recording

How can your CAC limit civil liability when it comes to defending your center or forensic interviewer in a civil lawsuit in which negligence or a violation of the constitution has been cited? The answer raised in a growing body of research all points to one solution—recording. Learn more about how electronic records of an interview help protect your CAC, your forensic interviewers and most importantly, the cases and the children you represent.

Use Recording Equipment to Protect Children and Your CAC

Did you ever think about how just as the video recording of an interview can provide compelling evidence in a criminal case that a child’s statement was not contaminated by your forensic interviewer, in the same way that video recorded evidence can be critical in defending your CAD or interviewer in a civil lawsuit?

Although CAC’s goals are to take care of the defenseless and to ensure that justice is brought to those who abuse children, sometimes lawsuits are brought against CACs alleging negligence or violation of the constitution. Learn more from a 2010 piece by Andrew H. Agatston, When a Parent Sues the CAC: Tips for Forensic Interviewers and Children’s Advocacy Centers Facing Litigation.

Risk Management and ERI

According to one law professor, “Documentation is critical to risk management. An axiom among malpractice defense attorneys is ‘if it isn’t written down, it didn’t occur. (Myers, 2002).’” Without an electronic recording, the forensic interviewer will have a more difficult time responding to a lawsuit alleging improper conduct during the interview.

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