How iRecord helps You Maximize your Interview Space

Are you getting the most out of your interviews?  There are a variety of reasons as to why recording an interview will improve your process.

  • Increased Transparency
  • Observation of nonverbal behaviors
  • Accountability of Interviewers
  • Provides Support for Hiring Decisions
  • Complements Lie Detector Tests

Ensure Integrity within the Interview Process

With the scrutiny the government and public service often experiences, it is crucial to ensure integrity within interview processes.  Many government agencies also use lie detector tests in interviews.

While interviewers are trained in reading people as well as have knowledge of the technology, recording can create extra protection for the staff member and create support for the lie detector results.

Body language and the way a person answers a question provides support to the truthfulness of their answers, which using a video recording system can help you get continual access to.

Finally, if you wish you to record the interviews, you may be lacking the space for bulky recorders, but that no longer needs to be a barrier.

How to Get in Touch with the Best Capture Equipment

Did you know that iRecord has small and easy to use digital recorders?   We can make the most of your space while providing accountability, transparency, and validity in your interviewing processes.  Contact us to learn more!

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