DVD Recordings: The Preferred Choice in Child Abuse Cases

Interviews with victims of child abuse can be the primary source of information you receive during a case, which is why it’s essential that you capture as much on audio and video as possible.

Learn more facts and stats from the National Children’s Advocacy Center on how interviewers are using electronic recording systems to capture interivews, and the simple one-touch DVD recording system from iRecord, powered by Word Systems, which can get you solving cases more quickly and bringing justice to your community.

In a study completed by the National Children’s Advocacy Center in 2009, an overwhelming majority of respondents indicated that they preferred using a DVD recording format as opposed to videotape, DVR, or audio-only format when conducting forensic interviews.

While respondents could indicate more than one answer in their survey response, the results reflected the following:

  • 84.5% DVD
  • 19.5% videotape
  • 19% DVR
  • 3.1% audio only

To read the full study and see all graphs and related results click Forensic Interview Practices.

The iRecord Advantage

What’s great about iRecord’s equipment is that its ease of use isn’t even the systems strongest advantage! Consider many of the other great advantages of the iRecord system:

  • Saves storage space
  • Easy to update
  • Adds efficiency
  • Provides high-quality product
  • Easy to navigate

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