Cloud: How It Works

Is your department ready for New York’s interview recording mandate?

Your Intro to the Cloud: Sharing Evidence with a Secure Portal

Faster communication and data sharing are staples of the modern world. So when it comes to upholding justice, we can’t stay stagnant and rely on outdated processes for sharing evidence. This is where the Cloud comes into play.

Working through the Cloud lets you upload and share digital evidence quickly and seamlessly.

When you’re in the market for a new Cloud Solution, it’s important to understand your options. Protect your interview evidence and get a smart, streamlined process. With the right Cloud setup, it’s easy to collaborate with multiple parties—on every case.

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The traditional ways of sharing interview evidence have been time-consuming. Working with couriers to deliver flash drives between agencies used to be the only option. But by keeping everything in one place online, you don’t need to wait for physical drop-offs to review evidence. There’s no reason to stick with a broken system.

Today, You Can Upload All Of Your Digital Evidence To A Simple Online Platform.

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Cloud Storage for Interview Evidence

Making the switch to digital storage and cloud solutions helps agencies speed up their process and better ensure that all of their evidence is safe. Plus, the cloud lets you all but eliminate the chance of losing an interview recording.

What’s more, the secure online portal removes “physical contact” of sharing USB drives and other evidence. You no longer need to rely on a courier to share your interview recordings, and agencies can feel better knowing that they can work remotely. Cloud storage is essentially the missing link to your modern interview recording process!

Cloud Storage for Interview Evidence How iRecord Cloud Storage Works

With this modern cloud solution, you don’t need to copy files to a USB drive for evidence sharing. Investigators and prosecutors can access the video recordings anywhere with their secure login and internet access.

Your iRecord software and this new cloud storage solution can simplify the entire process of managing your digital evidence. Our secure cloud-based system allows you to analyze interview evidence remotely through an online portal. That way, you can review the recording, add notes, make redactions, and safely share files with approved parties—all from one platform, anywhere you’re working.

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