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Get a Simple Checklist for Every Type of Setup

Onsite Solutions

Confirm that your new interview recording system has all of the tech features it needs for secure storage.

Mobile Systems

Review the equipment requirements and user-friendly functions of a mobile solution that truly works anywhere.

Interview Rooms

Check your camera placement, image quality, and audio & sound for accurate interview evidence.

Use Our Guide to Narrow Your Search

Selecting a provider for your interview recording equipment is a big responsibility. The process takes time, but we don’t think it should be a hassle. That’s why we created a guidebook to help agencies narrow their search.

Because not all systems are the same, you need to understand your options. This guidebook goes over the absolute essentials for new recording solutions and highlights other helpful features to help you do your research. With multiple checklists and insights, you’ll be able to:

The top priority is to minimize your risk of lost interviews. Review the mandatory features for robust recording systems, and you’ll be able to make a sound investment for your agency.

Confused about Recording Equipment?

Get the resources you need to move forward with confidence. The checklists in our guidebook will help you find an interview recording system that’s both secure and easy-to-use.

The iRecord Promise

The mission of iRecord is to serve and protect the public safety professionals who serve and protect our communities. We are dedicated supporters of our law enforcement and child advocacy organizations, and our company goal is to help make these demanding roles easier.

Since 2002, iRecord has worked to design and develop audio video recording solutions specifically for police interrogations rooms and child advocacy center forensic interview rooms. We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for agencies looking to modernize their recording setups. If you have any questions about your options, please be sure to contact us.

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