Does Your Agency Have the Best Possible Interview Recording Equipment?

When agencies need to record an interview for court-admissible evidence, they know that their setup has to be perfect. You only get one chance to record these videos. If the recording equipment isn’t right, then you might be missing crucial evidence for their case. Law enforcement agencies, child advocacy groups, SANE facilities, and other professionals […]

Moving Your Agency with a Clear Occupancy Strategy

Many agencies decide to relocate in order to have a facility that is able to accommodate their growing needs. But for the transition to be beneficial to everyone involved, the move itself needs to follow a detailed plan. Addressing all of the concerns of your staff and project managers can only happen with a sound […]

Selecting a Qualified Consultant for Interview Room Projects

Creating a new interview room involves many steps, but a clear focus will help your project be a success. After you have built your pre-design team and worked to evaluate your facility options, you’re well on your way to entering the design stage. For many organizations, this is the most exciting part of the process […]