Why PD’s Nationwide are Expanding their Mission to Include Proactivity

When your kids tell you that they want to grow up and be a police officer, they are going to need a whole lot more than responsiveness and decision-making skills to do the job. In 2015, policing has expanded to include more than the traditional reactive responsibilities such as “calls for service and crime investigation.” […]

6 Sticky Questions about Body Worn Cams

In the UK, which is where officers first began experimenting with body cameras, many are finding that cameras are doing more than recording encounters, they are also having an effect on those who are being recorded. People are also behaving differently when they know they are being recorded, which could be a good thing. That […]

21st Century Technology Solutions for Child Protection Online

What exactly is the Child Protection Act is and what technologies are available to protect your children? Do you know what to do if you suspect that your child or any child is the victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse? We explain the value of working with child advocacy groups that are equipped with […]

Forensic Investigators Rethinking How they Analyze Memory

Cybercrime is constantly evolving and at the recent Shmoocon 2014, presenters described a concept tool that cyber criminals use to manipulate physical memory of computing equipment, which more than disrupts investigations. Learn more from key highlights in an interview with the presenters and where digital recording technology is going to combat this new wave of […]

More than Home Security—Protecting Your Children from Cyberstalkers

During our everyday life, we concern ourselves mainly with home security; enabling the security alarm, locking the door when we leave, etc.  However, there’s another menace out there that is creeping through our society.  This menace is Cyberstalking, the exploiting of our children through the Internet. While you may have thought countless times about the […]

Don’t Be A Victim Of Cybercrime!

When you access the Internet it is extremely important that you safe guard your personal information. There are literally thousands of people around the world that make a living exploiting the security loop holes by accessing your personal identity, passwords and bank accounts. There are many more daily who are the victims of these crimes. […]