Body Worn Cameras Simplify Stealth Operations

Private investigators and other law enforcement teams utilize a host of equipment to do their jobs, including utilizing covert and other digital recording devices. Having equipment that is reliable and designed to do the job right the first time is a must for any member of a law enforcement team. The James Bond enthusiast might be more fascinated by the covert equipment, but capturing testimony with the right equipment is what is most important for the nonfictional investigator.



Backpacks, sunglasses, buttons and baseball caps, what do these items all have in common? They are just some of the things that body worn cameras are concealed in. Even cell phones, pagers, day planners, watches and pens can contain the new types of miniaturized surveillance cameras available for covert use. There is even a blue denim jacket with a concealed camera that is used by police departments and television stations.

Do you need to take hi quality digital photographs on the sly? One of the types of body worn cameras that investigators can wear, that is a watch, can take up to 320 pictures and download those images straight into your PC. There are body worn cameras that look just like a pen, and that actually work if you need to write with it. These pens are wireless and come with an external transmitter that can be hidden in a pocket or bag. The wired versions of these pens can be plugged into a camcorder or micro VCR.

What if you just want a body worn camera on you to take quick pictures whether for fun or covert operations? There are body worn cameras that are smaller than a credit card and are actually used as key chains. They can also be used as a web cam.

Here is a list of common covert equipment that a private investigator might wear as published by Private Investigator Magazine:

    • Binoculars
    • Digital Audio Recording Devices
    • Digital Camcorders
    • Extension Lens
    • Digital Still Cameras
    • Hidden video cameras
    • Body worn Cameras
    • Digital Video Recorders
    • Covert Vehicle tracking equipment
    • Personal Protection devices
    • Diversion Safes
    • Night vision cameras
    • GPS tracking devices
    • Pocket DVR’s
    • Detection Devices
    • TSCM Equipment (Debugging)
    • Spy Glasses
    • Phone Security
    • Security Video Systems
    • Button Camera

It’s no secret that the private investigator who wants to be successful will own several investigative tools. Among these pieces of equipment, some of the most important will be that which captures the testimony and interviews from eyewitness accounts.

iRecord’s long-standing reputation for supplying custom equipment, digital recording devices for investigators, built by investigators, can fulfill your needs whether for covert purposes or otherwise. iRecord’s equipment is fully compatible with a host of covert devices including:

    • Audio and video monitoring tools
    • Earpieces and receivers
    • Cameras
    • Microphones
    • Pen-based transmitters

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