A Shift in Focus: From Seeking Confessions to Seeking Information

When it comes to closing cases quickly and getting the guilty “behind bars,” law enforcement officials have used forceful or coercive methods to get at the confession needed. The shift, however, in the past decade has moved largely from one that seeks confessions to one that seeks information. Learn the difference between the two and the value of having state-of-the art, reliable equipment to capture the testimony.

What does it mean to seek confession?

What many talk about these days when it comes to trying to closing a case in a criminal investigation, the idea of seeking a confession comes in to play. What does it mean? Many refer to the federal system that allows a defendant who confesses early on to be offered a possibly more lenient sentence when it comes to final judgment. This “acceptance of responsibility” by the court is criticized by many, including false confession experts who cite the numbers of innocent people confessing to crimes that they have not committed.

What does it mean to seek information?

What many have started to advocate for in the criminal justice system is a principle to seek information rather than to seek confession. The paradigm shift that seeking confession undergoes when it shifts to seeking information is telling. Investigators that go in to an interview to seek information are not otherwise motivated to take or encourage a confession, false or otherwise.

How does your equipment make a difference?

When it comes to capturing your interview, your equipment makes a significant difference. Whether you have been seeking confessions or information, the messages that you need to capture must be accurate, clear and easy to play back. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your recordings tossed out or be rendered inadmissible. The last thing you need is to lose your valuable spoken evidence.

iRecord makes that difference.

iRecord digital audio and video recording systems make all the difference when it comes to capturing your audio and/or video as an investigator. Whether you are interviewing the suspect, the witness or wronged, you can capture it all in high definition. Learn more about the iRecord advantage by checking out our website today!

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