8 Reid Tips to Guard against False Confessions

The Reid Technique, which has been developed by the world’s leader in teaching interview and interrogation techniques, addresses many important best practices when it comes to interrogation, including the best way to avoid false confessions.

The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation Position Paper outlines a variety of essential points when it comes to how to conduct interviews and interrogations, including the following:

  • The core principles of the Reid Technique
  • Best Practices
  • Why false confession experts criticize The Reid Technique
  • What the courts say about false confession experts
  • What the courts say about The Reid Technique
  • The best way to guard against false confessions
  • “Reid” testifying as interrogation experts
  • How do I answer the question, “Do you use the Reid Technique?”

We want to highlight one of these essential points and get your input too. Learn 8 tips on how applying the Reid technique correctly can help you to avoid false confessions during interrogations.

According to the Reid Position Paper, the best way to avoid false confession is to conduct interrogations in accordance with the guidelines established by the courts, and to adhere to the following practices:

  1. Do not make any promises of leniency
  2. Do not threaten the subject with any physical harm or inevitable consequences
  3. Do not conduct interrogations for an excessively lengthy period of time
  4. Do not deny the subject any of their rights
  5. Do not deny the subject the opportunity to satisfy their physical needs
  6. Withhold information about the details of the crime from the subject so that if the subject
  7. confesses he can reveal information that only the guilty would know
  8. Exercise special cautions when questioning juveniles or individuals with mental or psychological impairments

What techniques or strategies do you find the most helpful when it comes to interrogation? We want to hear your thoughts. Comment here to share your opinions.

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