Without Police Interview Training—Can Victims Actually Become Suspects?

In order to uphold the mission “to protect and to serve,” agencies must to remain up-to-date on all of the latest best practices for public safety. Continuous training is a critical part of effective policing. That’s why agencies make commitments to complete various types of ongoing educational programs every year. Professionalism is paramount to keeping […]

New Police Technology Improves Interrogation Effectiveness and Compliance

The landscape of criminal justice is constantly evolving. New police training, research, and interrogation policies all help to ensure that agencies continue to deliver the highest level of service to our communities. With this, ongoing education is critical. Initial training provides a foundation. Yet that can’t eliminate the fact that the skills we learn in […]

Interrogation Rooms: Best Practices for Public Safety Agencies

With so much on the line for a criminal case, both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy groups need to ensure that all aspects of their investigative process are in line with the highest standards for collecting accurate evidence. And arguably the most important evidence they’re going to gather are suspect interrogations and victim or […]

7 Reasons Why Digital Evidence Management (DEMS) is Critical for Policing

Communities thrive when public safety efforts are strong. So as the pace of our daily lives gets faster and faster with new technology, it’s critical for police agencies to be able to keep up! Empowering Police in the Digital Age The public safety sector shouldn’t get left behind as other industries continue to adopt new […]