Top 4 Benefits of an iRecord Interview Room Solution

Public safety agencies need to collect the most accurate evidence possible for criminal investigations. So whether you’re in law enforcement or managing a child advocacy center, you need a recording solution you can trust for your interview evidence. iRecord is here to help.

We partner with organizations all across the United States and beyond to give them the most comprehensive setups for their audio video recording and digital evidence management systems. Once you make the switch to iRecord, everything about your process can be even more streamlined. Let’s make handling your caseload easier than ever!

Why Do Agencies Choose iRecord?

While every agency works with populations and cases that are unique, there are a few common situations that every team needs to tackle. That’s where iRecord comes into play. Because in order to document your interrogation and testimonial evidence effectively, you need a provider that understands all of the most common challenges facing agencies today with their recording systems and DEMS. With us, you’ve got a partner you can count on.

1. Interview Recording System Scalability

Whether you have a single onsite interview room or an entire wing of your building dedicated to recording interview evidence, we have options for you! The iRecord Multiverse can accommodate up to 9 interview rooms with 18 on-demand IP cameras. Or you can stick with the iRecord Universe and still have the ability to scale to more rooms if your agency grows.

We’re all about helping connect you with solutions to meet your needs both now, and in the future. iRecord even offers mobile recording solutions for agencies that need to work with populations in the field.

2. Rich Features Come Standard

Need to make a series of court-requested redactions? How about a system that delivers accurate transcripts? iRecord has many standard features that go above and beyond just audio video recording, including an automatic audit trail and functions to add META data in files.

3. iRecord Solutions Are Secure

There’s nothing worse than losing an interview for an important case. You need to feel confident that the work you’re putting in will make it to the court for official review. We offer multiple ways to make sure your recordings are safe. With 2 hard drives, robust cloud storage, and the option to save to SD cards, you’ll have all of your bases covered for a secure recording setup. We’ll help you get a redundant storage solution that truly works for you.

4. Best of All—It’s Easy to Use!

Over the years, we’ve consulted with countless clients and been able to improve our solutions even more by listening to what the end user needs most. The result is an intuitive process through and through. From our simple one-touch start/stop wall switch to initiate and end the recording process, to the user-friendly software to help you make your redactions, iRecord is known for being easy to use—because we’ve designed it to be nothing less!

If you’re ready to experience the iRecord difference for yourself, please contact us to schedule a demo of our solutions. We’d also love to answer your questions directly. Just drop us a line!

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