Interview Room Recording Systems—Built for Any Agency Model

Agencies have a lot of decisions to make when they’re ready to upgrade their interview rooms—especially if they’re going to start working with interview recording equipment for the first time. Not every solution will be user-friendly. What’s worse, you might even miss the mark for court-admissible evidence if your room isn’t designed correctly. You even have security risks to consider.

Having a more detailed understanding of the options available to you can help your agency move forward with confidence. Here at iRecord, we help agencies get the best recording equipment, system software, and overall interview room layout possible.

What Do You Get with iRecord Interview Room Systems?

Put simply, when agencies work with iRecord they have access to customized options. There’s not exactly a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to interview room solutions. Compliancy is always a factor, but when you go with iRecord Universe, you also have flexibility.

1. Scalable Agency Interview Rooms

Every facility has a different configuration. Your square-footage and space needs analysis for your interview room need to be carefully considered when you start planning for upgrades. Fortunately, we can help you get the right layout. We have scalable options for interview room recording equipment and can work with both small and larger sites.

Whether your agency only has one room or an entire hallway of interview rooms, our design experience helps clients find the right solution. We can work together to pinpoint the right layouts for your interview rooms and “command center” to store the recordings. You can even host up to four rooms on a single recording device.

2. High-Quality Audio Video Hardware

Some interview layouts rely on a single camera setup. But we typically utilize two HD cameras per room. This helps agencies provide the most accurate evidence to the court. We also incorporate high-quality microphones into our clients’ solutions. These options work to ensure that your nothing gets missed with your court-admissible evidence. Every piece of the conversation needs to be accurately recorded and represented.

3. Secure Options for Interview Evidence

You never want to worry about losing evidence for a case, and interviews are often the crux of any investigation. That’s why your agency needs a solution with robust interdepartmental security. You need to minimize risks when prosecutors, investigators, or other approved parties need to access your recordings. iRecord’s secure chain of evidence audit trail and redundant security measures can help keep your interview recordings safe.

4. User-Friendly Recording Software

You also want to give your agency a solution that’s relatively easy to adopt. Just because iRecord interview room systems are robust, it doesn’t mean that they come with a steep learning curve. We’ve made it a point to create easy-to-use software for all of your interview redactions and note-taking. Including options for metadata also helps ensure that your team can find relevant details within your interview evidence recordings.


Of course, these are just some of the many functions available within the iRecord Universe platform today. We are always striving to make improvements to better serve those who protect and serve our communities. If you’re ready to explore your agency’s options for an interview room equipment upgrade, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Just send a message, and we’ll be in touch!

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