ERI Systems are for More than Just Law Enforcement Professionals

When it comes to the markets using recording software for their profession, the truth is that those markets are rapidly growing and changing. Law enforcement agencies are not alone in needing to record, retrieve and playback audio and video files. Learn about a wide variety of industries in which recording has taken root and for which the iRecord ERI system is a perfect fit!

What other Ways are Recording Systems Used Today?

Check out the following applications that organizations are using iRecord audio and video recording systems right now.

1. Mobile Off-Site Interviews

2. Drug Interdiction (In-Car-Interviews)

3. Crime Scene Investigation

4. Insurance Fraud Investigation

5. Accident Investigation

6. Legal Depositions

7. Key Witness Interviews

8. Day in the Life Videos

9. Medical Examination Recording

10. Clinical Recording

11. Human Resources Documentation

12. Educational Recording

13. Webcast/Streaming Video Recording

14. Video Conferencee Recording & Archiving

15. Personal/Home Video Archiving and Indexing

Do you or someone you know work in one of these fields and believe that your business would be more effective and productive with a state-of-the art recording system behind you?

Contact iRecord to register for a free webinar or to request a product demo and learn just how simple it is to use and get a system in place in your business.

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