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Forensic Video Recording as Evidence

Forensic Child Interviews

Digital Recording of Child Forensic Interviews was found to enhance the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges. The ability to demonstrate the demeanor and facial expression of the child was helpful in obtaining timely prosecutions.

Child Advocacy Centers pioneer best practices for child abuse interviews. Their non-leading questioning techniques and careful documentation shield child victims from the need to confront their abusers. They also reduce the number of interviews children are subjected to, and increase convictions in cases that go to trial. Digital video is a natural partner for CACs.

There are many reasons why videoing a child interview might be a good idea. One is the simple fact that you’ll reduce the number of times the child has to relive the event. Child witnesses also have a high level of recantation, and video provides incontrovertible evidence that a child did make an accusation. In fact, video testimony can be used to help refresh a child’s memory in the event that they do have to testify in court.

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iRecord Advantage

One Touch Interview Recording

Eliminate costly and time consuming video training with iRecords one touch recording. If you can operate a light switch you can record an interview with iRecord. (Click Here For 10 Second Training Video)

Evidence Vault

The iRecord Evidence Vault is one of the very first interview management tracking applications for Child Advocacy Centers (CACs). Our software is ideal for agencies that track interviews from the point of recording until it is ordered to be destroyed.

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